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wear2™ is a new textile process technology which allows garments to be selectively disassembled at end of life.

Incorporating wear2™ technology into clothing enables zips, buttons, fastenings, linings and other dissimilar materials to be easily removed without damaging the surrounding fabric. By engineering durable garments that literally “fall apart” on command, wear2™ provides a unique means to recover pure fibre, reuse corporate clothing or upcycle garments.

The lack of effective disassembly technologies and absence of design protocols for handling clothing at end-of-life have, until now, acted as a barrier to a profitable, sustainable clothing operation.

Over the last four years, a new patent protected process capable of simply and automatically separating seams in textiles without damaging the surrounding fabric has been developed by the wear2 team. The wear2 process, which is compatible with current manufacturing equipment, provides the clothing and fashion sectors with an opportunity to both enhance its competitiveness and reduce its environmental and societal burdens.

The innovative wear2 technology provides the capability to engineer garments that are durable in use but which can be easily disassembled with the application of a simple end-of-life treatment.